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You are never really all alone
 Dr. Shyam Shrestha
Supporting Executive Director

Hope, faith and trust are always your companions on this journey we call life
Founded in 2008, Hope for Humanity is a Denver, Colorado based 501(c)(3) group. It was decided early on that our primary focus will be on training that lead to employment in healthcare because there is a need worldwide for such personnel resources. 

Serving the unemployed in Colorado and around the United States is our key objective. Working with local workforce centers and with the Federal O Net (www.onetonline.org), we know that so many qualified professionals are either underpaid or over worked or both. We have decided to change that paradigm, one State at a time. 

The photographs you see on the other pages are of real people, and a real difference we have made in the lives of these people. We have given them means to wealth but more importantly we have given them pride, joy, hope and faith in humanity through our actions.We are the miracle they prayed for and this field of miracles has people like you walking alongside us who have requested our people and our services time and again. This is also a field of heartfelt gratitude for all those who have helped us and our people on this remarkable journey and continue to do so day after day.